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May Stewardship Activities for Families to Share

May Monthly Observances: The following are a few observances that relate to good stewardship: Better Hearing and Speech Month / Healthy Vision Month (reflects appreciation for each of our senses as assets of our daily living),Clean Air Month (caring for our environment), Family Wellness Month, Flower Month (thanks God for the presence and beauty of His creation), Get Caught Reading Month / National Correct Posture Month (continues growth and development as part of personal stewardship), National Foster Care Month (honors those who serve "neighbors" in a special and loving way), National Good Car Care Month (shows responsibility in caring for/using our possessions), National Meditation Month (further develops our relationship of gratitude and thankfulness with God), National Mental Health Month (stewardship reflects both mental and physical health), National Military Appreciation Month (values the contributions of love, care and military service of men and women), National Older Americans Month (stewardship expressions demonstrate the value and appreciation we feel for our country's older members), National Smile Month (a smile reflects our attitude), Prepare Tomorrow's Parents Month (we share responsibility in modeling and fostering the growth and direction of youth to adulthood).

May Weekly Observances:
       (May 1-7) Eat Dessert First Week Stewardship reflects gratitude and thankfulness for our many received blessings. Changes the family routine by eating dessert first, remembering those living without food or the treat of desserts. Make a dedicated family effort to serve the hungry people of our world.

       (May 6-12) National Wildflower Week The wonders of God's creation are present for us to discover. Enjoy a family walk to observe wildflower beauty. Take photos of the seasonal and special gifts of God's love. Be Kind to Animals Week/ National Pet Week - give love and service to other of God's creation. National Family Week - celebrate the union of family, discuss responsibilities and service that family members share with one another, show appreciation for the blessing of each person in the family. National Nurses Day and Week - consider the contributions of time, education and ability that nurses share in caring for ill and disabled persons. Be grateful for their generosity and dedication to serving the needs of others. Teacher Appreciation Week - teachers focus their time and talents on the development of their students. Consider how teachers encourage the discovery and development of talents and abilities in students, helping to prepare each one for vocation and career choices. Express gratitude to a special teacher(s).

       (May 20-26) National New Friends, Old Friends Week Stewardship is all about loving and serving one another. Welcome, outreach and hospitality are important features of stewardship expression. Consider family friendships, planning ways to show appreciation for the blessing of each friendship. Reach out with welcome to others as a way of fostering new friendships.

Special Days to Celebrate in May:
       (May 5) Cinco De Mayo - Look up the history and traditions of this special day. The family may wish to try some of the special activities the Hispanic culture enjoys in celebrating the day.

       (May 13) Mother's Day - All mothers are honored today for their contributions in nurturing life. We especially honor Mary, the Mother of Christ, this month with prayer and appreciation for her modeled example to us. Show gratitude, love and service as special ways of honoring mothers today.

       (May 18) Visit Your Relatives Day Enjoy the bond of family and heritage. Learn more about one another.

       (May 20) Peace Day - Pray as a family for peace in our world, for leaders of countries, and for those serving in the military or in other positions fostering peace in our world. Discuss how peaceful living begins and is practiced first in the home. Think of contributions each family member can make toward establishing peace.

       (May 28) Memorial Day - Remember and pray for the men and women who serve/have served our country in the military. Especially remember those who have given their lives in dedication to the people of our nation.

Suzanne Erpenbach, Director of Stewardship and Development, Diocese of Knoxville (TN)
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