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Our Mission Statement:

To be of service to the Bishop and executive administrative offices by providing management to records of the files of clergy personnel, active and inactive, diocesan and religious priests, seminarians, and deacons by the establishment and maintenance of a vital records program; and to make available lists, reports, and mailing labels from these files by sort order of categories.

To be available to produce reports, lists, and mailing labels from the database files for appropriate diocesan departments, offices, and agencies.

To house and provide management of administrative and historical church parish records, which document the Church's presence and mission in the area, and to make available to scholarly researchers, the laity, and church parish personnel, the rich documentary heritage of the diocese in accordance with the norms of church law and sound archival practice.

To research and answer, a wide variety of questions pertaining to the Diocese of Lafayette, and/or the Catholic Church.

For access to information regarding genealogical research of sacramental records or closed Catholic school transcripts, please click one of the following links:

Genealogical Research Policy
Sacramental Request Forms
Baptismal Record Request Form
Burial Record Request Form
Confirmation Record Request Form
Marriage Record Request Form
Transcript Request Form (Closed Schools Only)

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