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    In one of his homilies, Pope John Paul II remarked, “Can our Christian consciences remain uncaring in this world of suffering?” For the Catholics of our Diocese and the people of the Gulf Coast this question would be answered much closer to home than anyone could ever have imagined. The suffering and devastation inflicted by two major hurricanes upon the region last year redefined the word challenge, while countless expressions and acts of selfless charity and goodness redefined the word compassion.

    These disasters confronted the Diocesan Church and parishes with an immediate, widespread crisis to deliver basic human care and necessities to countless displaced individuals and families. I exhorted all Catholics of the Diocese to unite in helping their brothers and sisters in their time of dire need. The response was very Christ-like with a tremendous outpouring of support coming in the midst of so much adversity. In fact, I was amazed to learn that many of the contributions received were from parishioners whose lives had also been impacted by hurricane damage, but whose Christian conscience embraced the call to care for those less fortunate than themselves. That is the power of our faith and a true strength of our people.

Now, as I travel throughout our Diocese, I see many promising signs of healing, hope and an eagerness to restore and resume the activities of normal daily life. Unfortunately, there is a different reality for those living in other sections of South Louisiana where the recovery process is not progressing quite as rapidly, and that work will likely continue for many months, perhaps years. The lessons of this past year have served not only as painful reminders of desperation and human suffering, but of the importance of being prepared and able to respond to the needs of others.

   The Bishop’s Services Appeal has always been a Godsend to the work of the Church, but that was never as evident as it was this past year. Thanks to all of you who contributed to the Bishop’s Services Appeal. Diocesan sponsored agencies and ministries provided meals, shelter and counseling to the victims of these disasters. However, because this extraordinary assistance was provided over and above the day-to-day response to the thousands of persons who routinely seek our help, it placed a tremendous strain upon our Diocesan resources.

   Nevertheless, it continues to be the proceeds from the annual Bishop’s Services Appeal that enables the Diocesan Church to bring Christ’s healing presence to those most in need. This brochure offers a glimpse of how indispensable works of Religion, Education and Charity continue to bring hope and dignity into the lives of those who have only known despair and hardship. Over the past twelve months we have lived through tragedies and triumphs. We have also witnessed what can be accomplished through the commitment of so many caring Catholics.

    At the same time, I pray that this year many more of our faithful will answer the call to virtue to do more in His service. I use these words from the Apostle Luke to emphasize my urgent appeal for help, “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few….” We could do so much more if greater numbers of our faithful accepted this invitation to greater discipleship and support the Bishop’s Services Appeal this year through a sacrificial pledge. Please join the effort.

Devotedly in Christ,
Most Reverend Michael Jarrell, Bishop of Lafayette

We live in a time when traditional values are tested from all directions and when family support systems are sorely strained. In the face of these challenging times, the role of the Church has never been more vital to society’s needs than it is today.

How to Give

Send your donation (check or money order - do not mail cash) to:

Bishop's Services Appeal
Diocese of Lafayette
1408 Carmel Drive
Lafayette, LA 70501

Make checks payable to: Bishop's Services Appeal

Many thanks for all you do.


How are the funds used?

This past year the scope of Diocesan outreach assumed an even greater, more indispensable dimension to the fulfillment of the Lord’s mission. The aftermath of two major hurricanes inflicted an inestimable toll of devastation and hardship upon both the faithful of our Diocese and the citizens
of the entire Gulf Coast Region. The staggering image of tens of thousands of hurricane victims looking to us for help was eased by a compassionate response that
brought peace and comfort into their lives at a time when they were so vulnerable.

Looking forward, although our Diocesan sponsored agencies are better prepared to answer the call from those who need assistance, there are still a number of
serious priorities to be addressed. The plight of the helpless and the homeless were vivid reminders that need will always be with us, and it will take on the many forms and faces that encompass all walks of life.

Each year proceeds from the Bishop’s Services Appeal provide the financial means through which the Diocesan Church can spread the message of the Gospel, provide the sacraments, instruct our children and adolescents in the Faith, defend the sanctity of life, strengthen family bonds, welcome the stranger in our midst and offer comfort in times of trouble, illness and
basic human need.

Your gift to the Bishop’s Services Appeal helps proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ every hour and day of the year.


Thanks to your charity…..

• Financially struggling parish communities receive necessary support.

• The elderly, infirm and the disabled find comfort through outreach care.

• Seminarians are trained and educated to serve in our parish communities.

• The precious rights of the unborn are defended.

• Newcomers to our country are welcomed with guidance, instruction and direction.

• The unchurched in our midst hear the Good News proclaimed.

• Humanitarian aid efforts are thoroughly coordinated so that assistance can be promptly distributed to those areas where it is most needed.

• Catholic Schools can offer the lasting benefits of Christian values and education.

These are but a few powerful examples of how your
generous pledge to the Bishop’s Services Appeal makes a
difference! (Call the offices listed in the directory of this
brochure to receive more information, or visit our website:

Respond Generously…

As your bishop, I now ask for your committed support at its deepest personal level. For the Church of Lafayette the future holds abundant opportunities to build up the Lord’s kingdom. Please join with me as a felow laborer,working side by side in this corner of the Lord’s vineyard. Help me to the best of your ability during this time of great chalenge and even greater need. Together we can accomplish so much good in His name. God love you and bless you.

---- Bishop Michael Jarrell


Guide to giving


As disciples of the Lord, we are called to assist in easing the many physical, intellectual and emotional sufferings that exist within our society. Before deciding upon the level of your gift to the Bishop’s Services Appeal, please review the expansive list of programs and ministries in this brochure that carry out countless good works on your behalf.

After reflecting upon the importance of these essential works of charity and outreach funded by the Appeal, please give serious thought to contributing by means of the pledge payment plan. Pledging will allow a greater sacrifice without overburdening your budget.

Your pledge will help ensure that the Catholic Church in South Louisiana can continue to invest in individuals and families through its charitable initiatives.

The above listed suggested gift plans are provided to help you when determining your level of support of the 2006-2007 Bishop’s Services Appeal. After careful consideration, please select a gift plan that your blessings will permit.

    • Gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
    • Statements will be sent.
    • All gifts will be gratefully acknowledged.

Gifts of Securities represent an additional way to make a gift to the Bishop’s Services Appeal and can also result in significant tax savings to the donor. If this option offers a practical means to contribute, contact your financial advisor to evaluate the details as it relates to your specific circumstances, or you may contact the Office of Stewardship and Development at 337-261-5641,


The Importance of Pledging

 Many Catholics in our Diocese have found that they are able to offer a more substantial gift to the Bishop's Services Appeal by offering a pledge, payable over two, five or eight months. Pledging allows donors to spread their total commitment out over time and maximize their giving in support of the Diocesan Church's mission and ministry.

The amounts listed in the above Guide are merely suggestions to help you plan your giving and offer the best possible gift. Everyone is blessed in different ways. We are each called to give sacrificially, according to our means, in gratitude for all we have received.

 " ...she gave from her want,
all that she had to live on."

Mark 12:44

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