Christian Formation

Mission Statement

To assist the Bishop of the Diocese of Lafayette by fostering catechesis as a multifaceted component of the Church's ministry of the Word that promotes the development of matrure faith

  • To center all catechetical endeavors on the mission of Christ in order to "...put people not only in touch but in communion, in intimacy, with Jesus Christ..."
    (NDC #19B)
  • To foster catechesis as a multi-faceted part of the Church's ministry of the Word that furthers God's communication and nurtures the response of believers to the Word.
  • To assist, through catechesis, the integration of believers into the Church and fosters their life-giving relationship with God and all creation.
    (CT #18, GDC #51, NDC #19)
  • To promote the incorporation of the tasks of catechesis into parish and Catholic school programs. These tasks include: knowledge of the faith, knowledge of the meaning of Liturgy and the sacraments, moral formation, prayer, and participating actively in the life and mission of the Church (NDC #20)


A Conversation on the Bishop's Curriculum Framework for High School

University of Dayton Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation online courses

Aquinas Institute

RCIA - Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
The USCCB Conformity Listing of Catechetical Texts and Series
Links to Intergenerational Catechetical Models:
Audio - Visual Library Contact Information
Calendar of Events 2010-2011

Bibliography on Adult Faith Formation. Adult Learning, Adult Development, and Faith Development

Available Documents (all are Microsoft Word documents unless noted)

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Christian Formation Contact Information:

Office of Christian Formation
Diocese of Lafayette
1408 Carmel Drive
Lafayette, LA 70501-5298
(337) 261-5550
FAX: (337) 261-5680

Staff Members:

Ann Broussard Director Christian Formation 261-5550
John Schexnaildre RCIA Consultant 261-5565
Lynne Broussard Audio Visual Librarian/Secretary 261-5674
Marie Chaisson Secretary 261-5555
Sue Aymond Secretary 261-5550


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