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Unplanned Pregnancy - All the choices are yours

Catholic Social Services offers free confidential counseling by qualified social workers to young women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy regarding single parenting or placing their baby for adoption. Counseling is also provided for the birth fathers. The agency accepts young woman from any religion, age, race or geographical location. Pre-natal care is arranged and plans are made for delivery at one of the Lafayette hospitals. Young women living outside the area can deliver at a hospital in their living area. Catholic Social Services pays all medical costs not covered by the medical card or personal insurance for young women making an adoption plan for their baby.

Young women selecting adoption can choose their couple, meet the couple, have direct placement from the hospital and have an open adoption.

There is a toll free number (800-256-7222) available for anyone in a crisis about their pregnancy.

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Adoption: A Positive Option

Catholic Social Services offers open adoption between birth parents and adoptive parents. The birth mother can choose the couple, exchange letters, receive pictures of the baby, and have on-going contact. Our agency provides orientation classes, group meetings, domestic home studies, and supervisory home visits. Our domestic adoptions are Caucasian, African-American and Bi-Racial infants. Listed below are the requirements for prospective adoptive couples:

" Residents of the Diocese of Lafayette or Diocese of Lake Charles
" Married for three years and unable to have children or have one child and unable to have more children
" Maximum age of 40 and minimum age of 24
" Must have a high school diploma or G.E.D.
" Couple must be physically and emotionally healthy
" Financial stability and sufficient income to maintain a family
" History or stable employment
" Must have a strong Christian faith an be active in their church (Catholic or Protestant)

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International Adoptions

Catholic Social Services provides adoption home studies for couples adopting a child internationally. We also provide the required supervisory home visits after placement of the child. Children five months and older are available. Single people or married couples may apply. Call our office for a list of international adoption agencies.

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Adoptive Family Support Group

Catholic Social Services Auxiliary was founded in April, 1988. This Auxiliary was formed to bring together families of adoptive parents, adopted persons, and couples waiting to adopt. It is a volunteer service organization which provides information, advice, and emotional support to adoptive families.

The Auxiliary has a variety of activities during the year which include social functions, business meetings, volunteer work and education about adoption.

Annual dues of $15.00 per family help cover operating expenses. A quarterly newspaper is published to keep the members updated about the auxiliary activities and other topics of interest.

The C.S.S. Auxiliary is open to all adoptive families who have adopted independently or through any agency in the surrounding area.

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Post Adoption Counseling

Catholic Social Services offers post adoption counseling and reunion services. Persons wishing to search must contact the Louisiana Voluntary Adoption Registry in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at (504) 342-9922 or (800) 259-2456. Call our office for more information on our services about post adoption counseling.

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Contact Information

For further information regarding our services, write or call the agency at:

Catholic Social Services
Diocese of Lafayette
1408 Carmel Avenue
Lafayette, LA 70501
(337) 261-5654 or (800) 256-7222

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