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Office of Permanent Deacons (Diaconate):
The Office of Permanent Diaconate, under the direction of Deacon Jim Kincel, assists the bishop in care, guidance and support of deacons through communication and personal contact. The office promotes deacons' spiritual, intellectual and ministerial development and helps promote harmony in the deacon-pastor relationships. The office also assists in recommendation of the assignment of deacons.

Permanent Deacon Formation:
Under the assistance of Deacon Rickey Picard, formation director, this office supports the bishop and the Director of Permanent Diaconate in planning and supervision of the formation program and the participants. The office formulates curriculum, supervises formation sessions and faculty and proposes inquirants, aspirants and candidates to the bishop for his selection and approval. For more information about the process of selection for the program, click here.

Deacon Jim Kincel, Director of Permanent Diaconate      

Deacon Rickey Picard, Director of Formation (deacons)

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