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Karol D. Meynard
Trista Littell

"To respect, protect, and serve LIFE from conception to natural death through public education, pastoral services, public policy, prayer and worship."

President of U.S. Bishops says cost is too high,
loss is too great for health care bill not to be revised


* God's Plan for Building the Culture of Life
* Chastity / Abstinence
* Natural Family Planning
* Artificial Contraception & Abortion Connection
* Crisis Pregnancy / Adoption
* Abortion / Infanticide / Partial Birth Abortion
* Post Abortion Healing & Reconciliation
* Infertility & Artificial Conception
* Bioethics / Ethical Stem Cell Research
* Capital Punishment
* Euthanasia - End of Life Issues
* Support for the Terminally Ill and their loved ones
* State & National Legislation that affect Christian Principles

The Diocesan Office of Pro Life Issues consists of a director appointed by the Bishop and a full time secretary. Each of the 121 parishes has a Pro-Life Coordinator who works with the pastor and is the liaison to the Pro-Life Director at the Diocesan Level.
The parish based Pro-Life Coordinator is the "backbone" of the diocesan ministry. The role of the pro-life coordinator is to bring the pro life issues to the forefront in the local church parish community.


* Crisis Pregnancy - Abortion Alternatives
      + Catholic Social Services Adoption Agency
- call 235-5218.
      + Catholic Crisis Pregnancy Center - call (337) 289-9366.
      + Priests For Life - call (718) 980-4400 or visit website:

* Post Abortion Healing and Reconciliation for women, men, couples, grandparents, and siblings of aborted children, as well as abortion providers:

      + Project Rachel
- call Office of Pro Life Issues at 1(337) 261-5607
            National Office of Post Abortion Reconciliation and Healing:
            * toll free hotline: 1 (800) 593-2273 or 1 800 5 -WE CARE

      + Rachel's Vineyard Retreats - call Office of Pro Life Issues (337) 261-5607
            * toll free hotline: 1 877 HOPE 4 ME

      + Dates for Rachel's Vineyard Retreats - Lafayette, Louisiana
            Contact: Karol Meynard or Trista Littell @ 337-261-5607
            March 26-28, 2010 - Lafayette, LA
            October 1-3, 2010 - Lafayette, LA

      + Post Abortion Websites: Elliot Institute:
                                                  Silent No More:

* A Day of Restoration - “Come to the Well" - For those suffering the untimely death of a child
      + June 12, 2010
         Presenter: Paula D'Arcy
         Immaculata Center - Lafayette, LA
         Contact: Trista Littell @ 337-261-5607

* Companions Along the Journey
      A bereavement support group
      2nd Thursday of the month begins February 11, 2010
      Immaculata Center - Lafayette, LA
      Contact: Karol or Trista @ 337-261-5607

* A.C.T. (Ascending Calvary Together) Support Ministry for the terminally ill and their loved ones.

* Prayer Blanket Ministry - to bring relief to the suffering and peace to the fearful. Caring volunteers donate fabric, thread, and time to sew lap-size blankets for those who are either sick or going through extremely difficult times in their life.
The Prayer Blanket is a symbol of a "faith sharing community" of donors and recipients praying for one another.

* Pro Life Oratory Contest
January 13, 2010 - 6:00pm, Immaculata Center.
For High School Juniors and Seniors, held in January, topics include Abortion, Euthanasia, Bioethics/Genetic Engineering, Ethical Stem Cell Research, Human Cloning. For more information, call Trista at (337) 261-5607.

* Pro Life Rosary Ministry of prayer to end abortion and build the "Culture of Life".
Pro Life Rosary Makers meet 2nd Monday of the Month 9:00 A.M. - 12:00 Noon at the Diocese of Lafayette's Immaculata Center in the Katherine Drexel Room.
For more information, call Trista at (337) 261-5607.

* Respect Life Codependents Recovery Meetings- a twelve-step program, for building healthy relationships, meets on Thursday 12:00 Noon - 1:00 P.M. at Diocese of Lafayette's Immaculata Center in the Msgr. Lavasseur Room. For more information, call Trista at (337) 261-5607.           

* Word of Life Bulletin Briefs & Intercessions for Life: prepared by the USCCB Secretariat for Pro Life Activities . Website: www. USCCB.ORG/PROLIFE

* Public Policy & Legislative Updates: can be viewed and tracked on a daily basis.

* USCCB Respect Life Sunday - First Sunday in October
2009-2010 Respect Life Program Theme: "Every child brings us God's smile."

Father Michael Champagne - 232-7491
Father Keith LaBove - 237-0988
Father Charles Langlois - 369-3816
Father Bryce Sibley - 468-3159



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