Radio and Television

Radio & TV Schedule

Mission Statement: The maintenance of a Catholic presence on radio an television.

  1. Sunday Mass either the production or acquisition of Mass. This is a 30 minutes long and aired on KATC TV-3 Sunday at 11 a.m.
  2. The production of "TELL THE PEOPLE" a weekly TV program produced by the Radio and TV Office. This program has news and information about the diocese. Airs after the Sunday Mass on KATC TV-3.
  3. "CATHOLICS TODAY" a monthly TV program interviewing various Catholics about their faith. Aired on the following:
  4. "YOUTH FACES FAITH" a monthly TV program with Bishop Edward O'Donnell interviewing young Catholics about their faith. Aired on the following:
  5. "FRENCH RADIO PROGRAM" a weekly radio show highlighting several French speaking priests from the diocese. Aired on the following:
  6. Special Events, the production and airing of:
  7. Press Releases. At appropriate times (with approval from Dept. Head), a press release will be sent to radio and TV news departments to promote a worth while news item or special event.
  8. In house production. To hold down operating cost and to be efficient, all radio and TV production is done in house.
  9. French and English Rosary. The maintenance of the Rosary on Radio and TV.
  10. Dub Center. Various audio and video dubs (copies) for radio and TV stations as well as audio and visual library.

The above is the highlight of the Radio & TV Office, much more is done such as maintenance of equipment, recording satellite programs, offering programs to Diocesan Audio and Visual library plus much, much more.

For more information contact:

David Mergist
Office of Radio/TV
Diocese of Lafayette
1408 Carmel Ave.
Lafayette, LA 70501
(337) 261-5626
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