Without priests, the Roman Catholic Church could not exist. And without Religious Sisters and Brothers, a vital component of the Church would disappear. Hence, a priority for each diocese or religious order is the calling forth of vocations to the priesthood and religious life - in cooperation with God.

The Vocation Director of the Diocese of Lafayette implements a complete program of encouraging vocations, concentrating on reaching each family in each parish, as well as the young people in the schools. The primary source of vocations is the family: a family becomes this source through learning and living their faith and spirituality in an atmosphere of openness to God. The church parishes foster this openness through providing for the spiritual life of the parishioners, and also through providing Parish Vocation Committees to work more specifically toward the bringing forth of vocations. The Diocesan Vocation Director, aided by a Vocation Team of Priests, provides a regular program of activities and events, such as youth gatherings and retreats, to further the development and discernment of vocations.

Upon recognition of a possible vocation, a candidate contacts the Vocation Director of the Diocese of Lafayette, as follows:

Fr. Aaron Melancon
Office of Vocations
1408 Carmel Avenue
Lafayette, LA 70501

Fr. Melancon conducts the candidate through an application process leading toward the possibility of seminary studies. (Candidates who are considering a call to the life of a Religious are directed to appropriate religious orders.)

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